Meet Tooloulou: New Cajun on Harford Road in Arcadia

The Baltimore Sun

Tooloulou, featuring pizza and po'boys, will be opening soon on Harford Road in the original Chef Mac's space, a few doors down from Koco's Pub. The owners are Lauraville residents Megan and Shawn Lagergren.

The restaurant's name stands for "crab" in Cajun language, Shawn said.

Now the chef at Dionysus in Mount Vernon, Lagergren has been on the lookout for a place of his own. A proud Cajun, Lagergren told me that Tooloulou will be as much about his culinary life in Baltimore as his roots in south Louisiana — the restaurant's logo shows the blue crab common to Maryland and Louisiana against a magnolia blossom. 

The specialty pizza is a crab pie with Louisiana-style toppings -- sweet and hot peppers, Andouille sausage and the chef's white sauce that he constructs out of pureed shallots and garlic. Shawn will be putting his homemade remoulade and spicy Cajun pickles on Tooloulou's po'boys, what he says they call "dressing it proper" in New Orleans.

The Lagergrens think their family-oriented neighborhood needs some another place where folks can run into and pick up prepared meals, so they'll be offering that, too. They hope to have Tooloulou open before the Super Bowl, but it may open sooner, permits permitting.

Tooloulou is at 4311 Harford Road in, appropriately enough, Arcadia. For information call 443-627-8090 or got to








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