Md. safe from new mango creme Girl Scout cookie

The Baltimore Sun

You can relax. It looks like Maryland won't be getting that new mango creme Girl Scout cookie.

The new cookies contain something called NutriFusion, "an all-natural nutritional food additive" that not everyone is impressed with. Read this and this.

My objection to the new cookie has nothing to do with its nutritive value, though. I hate mango. I love mangoes, but I hate mango flavoring in everything.

The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland won't be getting the mango cremes, which are being produced by ABC Bakers of Richmond, Va. The Maryland scouts get their cookies from Little Brownie Bakers of Louisville, Ky, the other licensed provider of Girl Scout cookies.

What's more, whereas cookie season is ramping up across most of the country, the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland do their cookie sales in the fall.

So even if you wanted a mango creme cookie, you'd have to wait.

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