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A McRib McQuiz

The McRib, which debuted in 1981, returned on Tuesday. How much do you know about the McRib?

1) The McRib has done more farewell tours than a) Phish b) the Doobie Brothers  c) Marlene Dietrich d) all of the above e) cannot be determined

2) The McRib, in terms of the success of its comeback, is like a) Brett Favre b) Michael Jordan  c) Shahid Afridi

3) The McRib looks like it has bones, but it doesn't. That is a) weird b) amazing c) disturbing d) Hello!! Nobel Committee!!!  e) all of the above

4) This year's campaign for the return of the McRib says the sandwich is the a) Ambassador of Awesome b) Coolio McFoolio or c) Treif City

5) The 1994 return of the McRib was a tie-in to the theatrical release of what movie? a) Four Weddings and a Funeral b) Forrest Gump c) The Flintstones d) Nell

6) The McRib is permanent menu item in McDonald's stores in a) Canada b) Germany c) Burkina Faso

7) After "water," what is the first listed ingredient in the McRib Sauce? a) molasses b) high fructose corn syrup c) Welch's Concord Grape Juice

8) Which Nabisco product is pulled from shelves every spring only to return in the fall, supposedly because its ingredients would not remain stable in hot weather, even though it's the 21st century?  a) Kraft Easy Cheese Cheddar and Bacon b) Sociables c) Mallomars d) Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate and Oatmeal


If you got

1 or 2 correct: You're neither all that nor a side of fries

3 or 4 correct: You're not that but you are a side of fries

5 or 6 correct: You're mostly that and a side of fries

7 correct: You're al that and a side of fries

8 correct: You're all that, a side of fries and you wrote this quiz


1) e

2) b

3) e

4) a

5) c

6) b

7) b

8) c



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