Kangaroo and rabbit hop on Baltimore burger menus

The Baltimore Sun

Abbey Burger Bistro figured 300 pounds of kangaroo would be enough to last a month. But customers ordered their way through that supply in just about two weeks.

Abbey's general manager Jon Taylor general manager told me that kangaroo, currently the "meat of the month" on the restaurant's "build a burger" menu, has a sweet taste that his customers are enjoying. It's a lean meat, too. Kangaroo will advance to the regular menu, Taylor, says if he can be sure of a regular supply.

And up in Hampden at the new Baltimore Burger Bar, Anisha Jagtap is expecting a shipment  ground rabbit this weekend. She'll be preparing it confit style, which is how she likes to prepare regular old rabbit.

So, what's the most unusual burger meat you've tried?

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