Jason Ambrose's Locust Point project is weeks away

There's one thing Jason Ambrose wants you to know about 1157 Bar and Kitchen.

There’s one thing Jason Ambrose especially wants you to know about 1157 Bar and Kitchen, his long-awaited tavern project on tiny Haubert Street in Locust Point.

"It’s fairly small," Ambrose said. "I feel I need to say that as much as possible. I want it to feel like a warm, neighborhood bar. We want to keep things as fun as possible."

1157 Bar and Kitchen will open in early December, just over a year since Ambrose purchased the rowhouse property. Ambrose said the menu at 1157 will consist mostly of small plates and sandwiches, along with a few entrees. And 1157, compared with his Upper Fells Point restaurant, Salt, will focus more on beer and less on wine, Ambrose said.

Ambrose said that his goal with 1157, as it was with Salt, is to open the kind of place he’d actually want to patronize.

"Salt was the restaurant I wanted to eat at in 2006 on a regular basis," Ambrose said. "Now I’m drawn to smaller places like the one we’re opening."

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