Iggies to leave Mount Vernon for Towson

The Baltimore Sun

Iggies, the popular purveyor of thin-crust pizzas, is moving out of Mount Vernon. The new location will be in the Riderwood Station shopping center in Towson, near the corner of Joppa Road and Bellona Avenue. The move is "95 percent" certain, said Peter Wood, a familiar presence at the BYOB restaurant owned by his wife Lisa Henkman. Wood said there are still a few zoning issues to work out at the new location, which has never been used for a restaurant.

Wood said the primary reason for the move, which could happen as soon as November, comes down to "lifestyle." The new location would be smaller and open only for dinner, which, Wood said, would free Henkman and him up to expand the business in other ways.

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"How can we continue to put out the product we want on a consistent basis," said Wood, who acknowledged that the success of the Calvert Street location, which gets mobbed on most Friday and Saturday nights, has been overwhelming. Wood said that he'll be able to finally do some things at the new Iggies, like making his own pancetta,  that the pace and schedule at the Mount Vernon location made all but impossible. "I've been talking about making gelato for three years," Wood said. "But Lisa just keeps saying I'm crazy."

"We're very thankful for our time in Mount Vernon," Wood said. "We're looking at the next 20 years."




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