Hydrox, an American cookie tragedy

The Baltimore Sun

The temporary Berger Cookie shortage got us thinking.

The temporary shortage of Berger Cookies on store shelves, reported by Mary Carole McCauley, got us thinking about other cookies. The Berger is, of course, is a brand name, but what would you call the style of cookie that a Berger is? It's not what I would call a chocolate top, but what is it?

It's tempting to compare it to the Oreo, a brand name that has come to stand in for a style of cookie. But there is a readily available style name -- sandwich creme -- that describes the Oreo and many other similar cookies on the market.

That made us think of Hyrdox. Poor Hydrox. Poor, Poor Hydrox. Kellogg's bought it from Keebler who bought it from Sunshine, who first produced it. It went away, came back in 2008 for a limited-time centennial edition and now has apparently vanished again.

Back in the day, Hydrox was the sandwich creme of choice in Kosher homes. Now, Oreo cookies are kosher, too.

Hydrox for me was the kind of second-rate brand, like Hunt's ketchup, Toastettes and RC Cola that you were always a little mortified to see in your friend's homes. Who are these people?

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