Haussner's menu, from 1967; strawberry pie - 65 cents

Click here to see a copy of Haussner's menu from 1967. Turtle Steak Swiss Style, 2 veg - $2.60.  Pink Squirrel - $1. Strawberry pie - 65.

I knew about the What's on the Menu, the New York Public Library's ongoing project to digitize and transcribe its collection of 45,000 restaurant menus dating from the 1840s to the present.

I just never thought to look for Haussner's menu on the What's on the Menu site. A reader sent me a question about a wine she served at her wedding that was the same wine, she believed, as one served at Haussner's. "(It was) the exact wine that (Haussner's used to serve) with a strawberry in it. It was a Liebfraumilch  ( I believe)."

I know now that Haussner's did serve Liebfraumilch, a semi-sweet German wine that is often used as the base for a fruity punch. I'm not sure whether she remembered having been served a Liebfraumilch punch at Haussner's, though. I may not have answered her question at all.

But I can't stop looking at the 1967 Haussner's menu.



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