One shining burger moment: Greene Turtle's champion burger is ...

The Baltimore Sun

Note: There is random "Hunger Games" plot spolier in this post about a bracket-style burger competition at the Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille.

The March Madness-inspired stuffed burger competition at the Greene Turtle is over and we have a winner.  Bacon & Cheddar will be added to the Greene Turtle's permanent menu.

Stuffed with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese, and topped with sauteed mushrooms, crispy onion straws, A-1 steak sauce and a creamy horseradish sauce, Bacon & Cheddar bested the The Spicy Jack, The Pep & Cheese and The Ham & Cheese in a bracket-style competition determined by ... us, the fans.

Voting in the final round between Bacon & Cheddar and Spicy Jack was very, very close, with Bacon & Cheddar getting 51% of the total votes. 

In a "Hunger Games" plot twist, the Greene Turtle has decided to add both burgers to the permanent menu.

Whaaatt?  Are Bacon & Cheddar and Spicy Jack even from the same District??!

Each burger is being plated with the Turtle's signature kettle chips for $9.99.




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