Dining review: Corner Bistro and Wine Bar in Ridgely's Delight

The Baltimore Sun

John Houser III reviews the Corner Bistro & Wine Bar in Ridgely's Delight.

Take a look at his review, which will appear in print in Friday's Live section. Houser had one those joy-of-discovery experiences reviewers hope for. He loved The Corner Bistro & Wine Bar, which has been keeping a low profile since its late summer opening in the space where the Jamaican restaurant Penn Street Tavern used to be.

Houser wants you to know about 1) "The Philly, a high-end take on the classic cheese steak sandwich. Thin slices of rib eye mingled with sauteed onions, American cheese and tarragon aioli on ciabatta to create what has to be one of the best steak sandwiches we've had," 2) The Corner is running a half-off wine special on Saturday night. That's right, Saturday night. But you have to make reservations. 3) He loved the Corner Bistro & Wine Bar.

I want you to know that Corner Bistro & Wine Bar is not related to Corner BYOB in Hampden.

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