Last minute Christmas gifts for and from Baltimore food lovers: The Smith Island Deluxe

These are not "Maryland-style" crab cakes!

That's what the online seafood store The Crab Place says about its crab cakes. "Maryland-style uses foreign crab meat to replicate an authentic Maryland crab cake. Maryland-style is found in franchise restaurants across the country. crab cakes are 100% real Maryland crab cakes. We are one of the few companies still producing them this way."

It took us a long time to find an online seafood company that handles Maryland-caught blue crabs. Based in Crisfield, the Crab Place also ships other seafood, not all of it from the Chesapeake. But it's for the crab cakes and crab meat you should know it. 

The Crab Place sells crab meat packed as jumbo lump, backfin, and claw, both fresh and pasteurized. What you want is the Smith Island Deluxe, ($35.00/lb), which is hand-picked crab meat from the whole crab. It's only sold fresh, and it's almost impossible to find whole-crab packs.

You have until 3 p.m. on Wednesday to place orders qualifying for standard two-day delivery.

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