Evening Latte: Foamy posts from the blogs and beyond

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See a retractable kitchen island, controlled with an iPhone. Find out who said, "I'm barely interested in food....I love food but I don't like to talk about it very long." Also, Bananas Foster injures four at Florida restaurant, and Eli discovers an eternal truth

Eli reviews Max's (Hot) Dog House (Cafe) in New Freedom, Penn. He loved the desserts: "The Fried Oreos were better than when they're not fried." That's true of just about everything. (Adventures of a Koodie)

Four diners at a restaurant in Palm Harbor, Fla., were injured by a Bananas Foster. Reportedly the server doused too much alchohol on the flaming tableside dessert. #christinaricci (Gawker)

This week's chef who objects to the term and/or the concept of "foodie" is Gabrielle Hamilton, owner of Prune in New York City and author of Blood, Bones and Butter (Gawker)

Marion Nestle has been keeping her readers informed on the E. Coli outbreak in Germany. Here's a useful Q&A post from Wednesday that sorts things out. (Food Politics)

The video of the week: an Ikea kitchen island controlled with an iPhone (Ikea Hackers). There's a video. (Ikea  Hackers)

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