Baltimore Grand Prix, foodwise

The Baltimore Sun

Bluegrass, Jimmy's Famous Seafood and Ryleigh's make a good showing at Baltimore Grand Prix.

I had a good time at the Baltimore Grand Prix. I'll share the same observation about the environment within the race grounds that I would about a restaurant I was reviewing. People were having a good time. I think the crowd for this event  was highly self-selecting. That created a crowd almost entirely free of grousers and malcontents.

I was very pleased to see Baltimore restaurants represented within the grounds. Dave Rather of Mother's Federal Hill Grille deserves credit for corralling his neighboring restaurants on the south side, which were effectively marooned by the race's layout. The crowds couldn't come to them, so they came to the crowds. There were good showings by Ryleigh's Oyster, Jimmy's Famous Seafood, Cazbar, South Beach Sandwicherie in the Budweiser Block Party on Turn 4.

Bluegrass Tavern was selling pulled pork and the homemade chorizo and bratwurst. Delicious. Mother's had a presence at the block party but a bigger one near the main stage at Camden Yards.

Like everybody else I'll be looking for post-event figures for the event. Was business at restaurants, both nearby and not, up or down from last year's Labor Day? From expectations?

I only caught a glimpse of the event and a very small glimpse of the race itself. And I can't forget that I paid $33 to get into the grounds. Would I do it again? Absolutely. I might go back on Sunday.

Note: You can't bring your own food into the Grand Prix grounds, and prices are high.



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