Greek Super Foods —  olives, oil
Humpty Dumpty — custom made omelets, drinks

In A Pickle — variety of pickles, sauerkraut, olives

Infused Spreads —  spreads, vinegars

Kettle Korn — fresh made kettle corn bagged

Konscious Kterers –  fried fish, salad, rice, vegetables, tea

Locust Point Greenhouse — plants, cut flowers

Mallow Crunchies — organic rice crispies

Michele’s Granola — granola

Migae’s Magnificent Mini Donuts

Mushroom Stand — mushrooms, chile, fritters

Neopol Savory Smokery — gourmet foods, quiche, smoked fish & fowl, cheese

Nick’s “Backfire” Brand — spices, salsas, rubs

Nutin But The Juice — fresh-squeezed orange juice

Nuts To You — nuts, candy, nut products

Red Zebra — Pizza

Ruben’s Crepes

Rustic Gourmet of Roland Park — Indian dishes

Salt River Lobster — fish, shellfish

Savory Bean Soup — homemade bean soups, tea

Springfield Farms —  lamb all cuts, sausage sandwich

Thai Egg Rolls — dumplings, sticky rice with mangos, tea

Thai Food — dumplings, noodles, shrimp, drinks

Wheeley Good Smoothies — smoothies made in a blender powered by a bicycle

Zeke’s Coffee & Accessories

Bread Vendors

The Breadery 

Chez G 

Uptown Bakers