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The Recipe Finder Files: A collection of obscure, lost and beloved recipes

Recipe Finder is your ticket to locating an old recipe you misplaced, figuring out the secret ingredient to that dish you just ordered at a local restaurant, and recreating classic meals from some of Baltimore's favorite gone-but-not-forgotten dining landmarks. 

  • Recipe Finder | Gooey butter cake

    Linda Lahey from East Baltimore was looking for the recipe for gooey butter cake that her father used to bring home every Sunday from the Marquad bakery when she was growing up. The bakery, on Belnord Avenue near Fayette Street, is long gone, but the memory of that delicious cake still makes...

  • Recipe Finder | Harvey's cheese spread re-created

    Amy Dickman from Owings Mills was hoping someone would have the recipe for the garlic herb cheese that was served with the breadsticks at Harvey's restaurant, which used to be located at Green Spring Station in Baltimore County. The restaurant and its adjacent gourmet shop closed some years...

  • Recipe Finder | Bottega's Salted Chocolate Caramel Pie

    Ed Levy from Baltimore was hoping I would be able to get the recipe for the salted chocolate caramel pie that he and his wife so enjoyed at Bottega, the new restaurant located in the Station North neighborhood in Baltimore. It was one of two desserts on the menu the night he and his wife...

  • Recipe Finder | Rice Krisipies treat ice cream sandwiches

    A sweeter twist on a classic

  • Recipe Finder | Torta del re (Italian king's cake)

    Sophie Filippetti from Santa Rosa, Calif., was searching for a recipe for Italian king's cake. She said her mother-in-law used to make it often and even won first prize at their county fair some time ago. She has lost the recipe and wanted to be able to make it for her family again.

  • Recipe Finder | Easy and delicious 7-Up cake

    Veronica Robinson of Baltimore was in search of a recipe for making a 7-Up cake. She had a recipe long ago for the cake, but she misplaced it.

  • Recipe Finder | Stained-glass candy

    Doris Smithson from Greeneville, Tenn., was looking for a recipe for making "Stained Glass" candy. She said she used to buy bags of this colorful homemade treat at a church bazaar in Lexington, Ky., around the Christmas holidays and that it made great stocking stuffers.

  • Recipe Finder | Marzipan cake

    Elizabeth Skenderovic from Dundalk was looking for a recipe she misplaced for making an almond cake using almond paste.

  • Recipe Finder | Chocolate Bliss Bites

    Joan Metcalf from Westminster asked for help finding the recipe for Chocolate Bliss Bites. She had clipped the recipe from the February 2007 issue of Prevention magazine but said she was missing the complete directions. She liked the fact that the cookies had no fat.

  • Recipe Finder | Haussner's creamed spinach

    Marie Cox from Bel Air was hoping someone would have the recipe for the creamed spinach that was served at Haussner's restaurant in Baltimore. Sadly, the restaurant closed a number of years ago, but many of their most popular dishes live on in people's memories. Cox said she has tried many...