10 notable Baltimore-area burger spots [Pictures]

Upscale burger joints are now serving adventurous, exciting and sometimes outrageous burgers, made with everything from lamb to kangaroo. The meat isn't the only upgrade. The toppings and breads -- once only lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sesame seed bun -- now include brie, caviar aioli and Meyer lemon honey mustard on toasted brioche. Given the ingredients, it's easy to think the new breed of burger spots are pretentious. Not so. Whether it's the name brand Bobby's Burger Palace (the brainchild of chef Bobby Flay) or the boutique BGR Joint, these places are mostly fast casual. The emphasis is on the burger, not the setting. We tried 10 specialty burgers, from places which use fresh ground ingredients, cooked to order. While some rose above the rest, they were all tasty alternatives to the plain old hamburgers of yesteryear. --John Houser III Sun freelance writer John Lindner contributed to this article. Also see: • Baltimore burgersPlaces to get burgers in BaltimoreBaltimore food pornYour pictures: What have you eaten lately?
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