Adam Jones stays hungry [Pictures]

When he's not smashing home runs, Adam Jones is getting ready to smash some pancakes. Or maybe some Popeye's chicken. Even grilled chicken and red beans and rice draw a "smash" from the Orioles outfielder. For proof, look no further than his Instagram feed (@simplyaj10), where his bio exhorts, "Let's talk food and no ball PLEASE," and where you might find a shot of his partially eaten breakfast with the caption: "I had to smash one of the pancakes before I could get my phone." Or on Twitter: "Bout to smash another 20 pieces of salmon sushi. In the words of Brady Anderson, 'It's what bears eat.'" Asked about his food-filled social-media feeds, Jones said, "I don't really like talking about food; I just post pictures of food." (Hey, it was a game day. Can't blame a guy for wanting to stay focused on the task at hand.) Here's a glance at some of the fare that's been fueling the 2012 Most Valuable Oriole's record year, from an afternoon waffle feast to game-day snacks of cereal to off-day French toast to a power breakfast of fruit and greens. It'll make you, as Jones likes to say, #stayhungry. Or at least get that way. -- Sarah Kickler Kelber • Dinergram: Your restaurant photos
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