Joe Biden to join Seth Meyers for 'Late Night' kickoff

By Amy Hubbard

10:32 AM EST, February 13, 2014


Look who's helping Seth Meyers make his debut on "Late Night" -- the runner-up to the commander-in-chief, Joe Biden.

Biden announced that he would appear with the new host of the NBC talk show via Twitter: "Must-see TV." The vice president, who has had his share of bloopers over the course of his career, adds a lively political touch to the debut, which will also feature Meyers' former "Saturday Night Live" castmate Amy Poehler.

Perhaps Poehler will appear in Hillary Clinton guise. ("Stop saying I have cankles.")

Biden has had previous moments in the late-night limelight. He was a frequent target of Jay Leno, who once quipped: "Vice President Joe Biden is on a trip to Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo. The White House is calling it 'Operation Keep Biden Away From the Microphones.' "

Biden also appeared on David Letterman's "Late Show" on CBS in 2012 to announce the "Top 10 Good Things About Voting Early." See below. (There is also a version for mobile users.)

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