Wrigley Field concerts

Pearl Jam (July 19, 2013): Normally, a thunderstorm such as the one that forced Pearl Jam and its fans to evacuate the field for more than two hours would cripple if not postpone most concerts. But the city powers-that-be granted the band an extension of the 11 p.m. curfew, and the Seattle quintet played on. Plus they had a secret weapon for reigniting the momentum lost by the rain delay. "Ernie Banks likes to say, 'Let's play two,'" singer and Cubs fan Vedder said after skies cleared. "I say, 'Let's play until 2.'" He then brought Banks himself onstage and the duo led a singalong of Vedder's Cubs anthem, "All the Way." Banks tipped his cap to the faithful: "I appreciate all of you coming to my house tonight." Even if they didn't leave till 2 a.m. - Greg Kot
Photo by Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune
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