'Hello I Must Be Going' -- 2 1/2 stars

R; 1:34 running time Melanie Lynskey is the whole shebang in the modest indie film, which premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Lynskey's Amy is an early-mid-30s-ish divorcee, fuzzy and thwarted in her outlook and experiences, who moves back in with her parents (Blythe Danner and John Rubinstein) for a while. The town is Westport, Conn. There she meets Jeremy (Christopher Abbott of HBO's "Girls"), the 19-year-old actor son of her father's business associate. Jeremy spies a fellow disaffected outsider, and plants one on her in a dark room away from a dinner party. And the affair begins.Read the full "Hello I Must Be Going" movie review
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