'Red Tails' -- 2 stars

PG-13; 2:05 running time This much can be said of producer George Lucas' long-gestating project: It avoids the aggravating Hollywood strategy of telling an African-American story by way of a mass-marketable white protagonist, a la the Civil War drama "Glory." But Lucas has overseen a movie divided against itself, part "Clone Wars"-aesthetic kicks, part dutiful sociology. The script, confining the action to 1944 Italy, places the occasional grown-up sentiment in a character's mouth, as when one member of the 332nd Fighter Group tells another: "Don't be in a hurry to get to the killing part." Yet the movie can't wait to get to the killing part, rendered here in computer-generated aerial dogfights a little too in love with the available filmmaking technology, and a little too uninterested in the characters doing the shooting. -- Michael Phillips Read the full "Red Tails" movie review
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