“Healing takes time,” she tells him softly, “especially when there are no answers.”

ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll       

Elizabeth decides not to give Jared the dangerous correspondence, however. She sets fire to the letter and watches it disintegrate into ashes.

Elizabeth’s daughter Paige (Holly Taylor), meanwhile, may have inherited some spy genes. Suspecting her parents are more than travel agents, she sets out to discover the truth by paying a surprise visit to her Great Aunt Helen (Kathleen Chalfant).

On the bus ride to Pennsylvania, Paige befriends Kelli (Lizzy Declement), a teenager coping with a broken home.

“It feels like there’s always something going on,” Paige says in describing her troubled household. Got that right.

When she sees her dad that evening, Paige makes up a story about attending an after-school event. But Helen had already told Philip about the visit. Busted!

“Lying will not be tolerated,” Philip says sternly.

This coming from a man whose entire life is a lie.


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