And now we see a guy who's had extensive martial arts training going back to childhood, but what he really wanted to do was DANCE -- break-dance to be specific. So, how does Cole Horibe dance? It's not so much break-dancing as contemporary, so maybe he's changed his focus since he started. Some of his moves very much remind you of some of the more elegant fight choreography in martial arts films of the last couple of decades.

Nigel asks if he did well in martial arts competition and he apparently won a silver medal in the Junior Olympics. Nigel also asks if he's studied any other styles of dance and Cole pretty much lists every style they've ever done on the show, except for Russian folk dancing, so I think he'll be OK. He's getting his ticket to Las Vegas.

This next dude is a circus performer and lives in a loft with his other circus performer friends. His specialty is some sort of wheel that he stretches out on and does tricks with. Thanks to the magic of Google and Wikipedia I can tell you it's called a "Cyr wheel." David Matz may be performing with his wheel, but he's clearly had some sort of training based on the graceful little jump he starts off with. And, yeah, the wheel is kind of a gimmick, but this guy has some talent -- I hope they at least put him through to choreography.

Jesse says, "It's amazing what you can do with one of Cat Deeley's old earrings." HA! Jesse thought it was really cool, Mary describes it as "mesmerizing" but she's not sure if he did enough dancing for her to decide if he can do other styles. And they do put him through to choreography.

This next kid immediately wins me over with his Fabio on the romance cover pose after commentary on his unbuttoned shirt. Stephen Jacobsen is doing contemporary ballet to "Dream Lover" and not doing it at all well -- it's so, so bad. The kid may have the body for dancing but his choreography is lousy.

Nigel rightly calls him out on the choreography, and points out that his training is evident. They give him a second chance and he busts out his classical ballet training and he's amazing. This, kid; do this. Don't fight your talent and training. He gets his ticket to Las Vegas.

We get a brief montage of dancers who are returning to audition after having tried out for the show before -- one young woman has tried out five times before. And our next contestant tried out before in Season 4, with "exhibitionism" as his style.

Jonathan Anzalone is back and bald and doing some frankly generic b-boy moves. There's also something about the tank tops and shorts, combined with the black athletic shoes that's giving me a strong aerobics instructor vibe.

Nigel asks Jesse if he's ever seen anything like that and Jesse answers that even if this show doesn't send him through to Las Vegas he'll get there anyway. Nigel says that it was more of a contortionist act than a dance routine. And then there's a whole bit about Jonathan dancing with women and a hapless woman named Angelique gets dragged up on stage to dance with him and there's just a lot of stuff and nonsense, the upshot of which is that I would totally drink with Angelique. But Jesse goes and puts a bill in Jonathan's shorts, so that's the show's punchline.

Mary wants to send him to Las Vegas, Nigel says choreography, and Jesse, as the tiebreaker, sends him to choreography.

Jasmine has watched her brother Marshea try out for the show three times before. Six weeks ago, the two of them were in a horrific crash in which Marshea, the driver, was pronounced "dead on arrival at the hospital," but he actually survived, and after a 2-day coma is walking and dancing like normal now. Incredible. Praise be for the safety of modern cars and the miracle of modern medicine.

Jasmine dances a pretty hot jazz routine to Etta James's "I'd Rather Go Blind." Nigel says she danced fantastically; Mary says she shows a lot of maturity in her dancing for being only 18. Jesse adds to the love praising her beauty and talent. She's through to Las Vegas.

After the commercials, we get to see Marshea's audition. Heck, I'd give him a ticket to Las Vegas just for getting up on the stage six weeks after the kind of injuries he sustained. I'll say one thing, I like these siblings' taste in music.

Mary stops the music early to hand him his ticket to Las Vegas immediately. Apparently she had the same feeling I did about his achievement in even getting up on the stage.

Time for choreography, again with Robert and Courtney. After 40 minutes, David, the circus performer admits defeat. Jonathan doesn't make it out of the choreography and neither does Caley or Johnny Wacks. Sam is among the lucky few who do make it through to Las Vegas.

Next week: Atlanta auditions and in fewer than 30 seconds we hear both "The Dirty South" and "THE ATL." go ahead, ask a Georgian how much they love hearing either of those phrases. They don't say it, but it looks like Debbie Allen is going to be our guest judge -- whoopee!