You and Lea seem to be the most real girls of the season.

Definitely. Why do a reality show if you're going to be fake?

Is there anything as epic as your smackdown with Adrianna this season?

There will be epic moments, but no physical violence. I think Adrianna learned from last season.

You have not filmed the Season 3 reunion yet, correct?

Not yet. That will be interesting.

Do you think she saw her somewhat boring performance last season and thought, "Hey, I better step it up"?

I do and it was annoying because she was trying too hard.

Who do you think will put out a hit "Housewife" song?

Oh God. Didn't everyone already try that already? I think that was a bummer.

You don't think Romain will be playing their songs in [his nightclub] Mynt anytime soon?

Not if he wants to keep his business.

Describe your new season in three words.

Make-ups, break-ups and sex.

I'm going to say names from your season, tell me the first couple words that pop into your mind: Lea.

Classy businesswoman.


Smart cookie without a filter.