Wittiest novelty sign: The one on Dale's RV that says 'How about a nice cup of shut the hell up' I want that sign for my basement bar.

Creepiest zombie: The one in the church with the veil over its face!

Creepiest tent: The one out in the woods with the lonely hunter in it. Scariest tent since The Blair Witch Project.

Best zombie kill: When Andrea repeatedly stabbed the bathroom invader in the eye with the screwdriver! She was like "I don't care how bad you have to go! This is an RV crapper and it only fits one person at a time!"

Useless information: The sign on the wall of the RV bathroom read: 'This bath is made from inflammables (sic) plastics No cigarettes paper towels in this toilet no sand.'

No tossing butts into the toilet, got it.

BestIndiana Jones reference: When Daryl called Glenn 'Short Round'

Most obvious product placement: When Carl finds the cache of Gerber hatchets and knives in the pickup truck. I haven't seen a young boy so infatuated with weapons since Ralphie wanted the Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story.

Best Dirk Nowitzki look-alike: The zombie in the hipster suit out in the woods that Daryl iced with an arrow through the back of the dome.

Best Grand Guignol moment: When Daryl and Rick gut the Dirk Nowitzki zombie to find out whether he ate Sophia. That was one nasty game of one-upsmanship. The best part was how at the end they said to each other "At least we know..." as if trying to rationalize the hideous act they had just performed.

Damn son! You got served! When Andrea tells off Dale: "I'm not your little girl, I'm not your wife and I'm sure as hell not your problem!" Oh snap! If that exchange took place onJerry Springer, the audience would be hooting and hollering for three minutes.

Oddest fashion statement: The lonely-hunter-in-the-tent corpse was wearing a button on his shirt that said 'No excuse for domestic violence'. Agreed, but who is the target audience for this campaign against domestic violence when you are sitting out in the middle of the woods by yourself, in a tent?

Most biker-friendly church: Southern Baptist of Holy Light. Do they mean likeLance Armstrong bikers, or Harley Davidson bikers?

Hippest reference to Jesus: Daryl, to the crucifixon statue at the church, "Yo JC, you taking requests?"

Bold prediction: Shane and Andrea will shack up together, and Lori will become jealous....

Zombie death count: 8

Human death count: None confirmed

What did you think of Rick Grimes' decision making in the season premiere? Did you enjoy the episode? What do you think will happen next week? What will become of Sophia and Carl? What disgusting act will Daryl perform next week? Will Shane and Andrea really strike out on their own?