Meanwhile, Bill is busy being sucked into Salome's world. He "doesn't know what to believe in anymore!" he tells Eric, but what is does believe in is having sex with Salome (another naked alert), that turns violent when he sees Sookie in her place, bites her neck and then sees Salome as Lilith, who then bites him and ... ugh.

Later, Eric attempts his escape, kidnapping his sister, Nora, with the help of Molly but then being caught by Salome and her crew. Turns out he was betrayed by Bill ("Traitor!" he sneers) and he's handcuffed. Is Bill really that transfixed by Lilith blood to do this? I'd be more interested in this whole thing if it was a) believable and b) included more all-out war scenes with vampires vs. humans.

Sigh. Well, there were two redeeming moments of the episode: Pam and Lafayette.

Lafayette had a great, quotable scene in the very beginning with Sookie who asks him to try to figure out who the spirit was who scarily encountered her last episode. "Creepy spirit thing, why you in Sookie's bathroom?" he asks.

He doesn't get an answer ("I ain't Whoppi Goldberg in 'Ghost,' he says. "Although I am prettier." Although he does later get in touch with Gran, who tells Sookie to look through a scrapbook, where she finds out that Dearborne discovered her dead folks.

And Pam. Love Pam. Because of the Tru Blood factory bombings, demand for the drink is high, and Tara wants to save some of the bottles for later. Pam tells her to keep serving it -- and stay out of trying to figure out whether the vampires are behind it.

"There's two things I stay away from: humans who eat a lot of fish and politics," she says.

And when Tara says she can talk to her if she misses Eric, Pam has this gem: "Just because we ate a b---- together does not mean we are Oprah and Gayle."

I want to be Gayle to Pam's Oprah.


Steve + Russell forever: Russell and Steve Newlin are sort of a cute couple, even when Russell feeds his blood to the werewolf pack and then kidnaps wolf-Emma and gives it to Steve.

Alcide has a flashback: To when he joined the pack/learned the way of the wolf as a teenager. The young Alcide looked nothing like the current Alcide -- and has crazy eyebrows.

Nice hobby: We learn that Sweetie was the square dancing champion of Louisiana.

Seriously, fairy names are bad: When Claude and his family visit Sookie to tell her vampires are behind the Tru Blood factory bombings, we meet a new Claude-based-name sister: Claudija. I guess they're running out of Claude derivatives.

Makes sense I guess: Jessica informs Jason that she doesn't use the bathroom (or that she doesnt take dumps, to be exact). Um, sure.