Earlier, Pam had freed Tara from a burning suicide under the tanning bed, so Pam is not really feeling too good about maker-makee relations. Still, she has enough heart to start looking after Tara (aw, a coffin next to hers in the basement of Fangtasia), even later offering her some food (i.e.: a woman) and teaching her how to drain properly.

This draining lesson comes after Eric actually does release her. In a heartfelt scene, Eric says that he has to release her for her own protection — he's on a dangerous quest to find Russell and Russell or the Authority will likely end up killing him. Either way, he loves Pam enough not to keep her around. 

"You're a maker now. Our blood will thrive. Understand?" Eric tells Pam.

It's interesting to note that now Tara is forever "blood related" to Eric. Pam even at one point tells him, "Congratulations, you're a grandfather." So weird.

Still, I can't wait to see more of Pam's lessons for Tara, who has finally mellowed out a bit and begins to accept her fate. Will she be a good vamp or a bad vamp? Will she work at Fangtasia as Pam's assistant? Will she wear more leather and make sassy Pam-esque comments? 

Meanwhile, the Authority vs. Sanguinista plot line continues. Side note: "Sanguinista" may be the least-Google-friendly word of all time. Sanguinista Nora is still being tortured non-stop by Salome and Roman, who decide to give her one last chance to tell them who's in charge of the non-mainstream movement.

Nora is about to accept the True Death, until Roman threatens to kill Bill and Eric with his handy iStake app (how much would that app cost). Salome blood promises (it means something to vampires) that no harm will come to Eric and Bill if she reveals the big traitor. 

We don't hear what she tells Salome, but later Roman confronts his Authority chancellors. Nobody does the whole "menacingly walk around a table" action like Christopher Meloni

There's a traitor at the table, Roman tells them, and their rooms are being searched. I had my money on the crazy Scandinavian dude (because he's crazy and Scandinavian), but it turns out the young boy chancellor took video of himself eating a human and sent the message around the world. He whines a response, but in a truly chilling moment, Roman grabs him and stakes him. 

His face covered with blood, the vicious Roman says, "You will fall in line. Am I understood?"

Yes, Meloni!

We also get a brief, but apparently important, plot line with Sam. He's visited by some of his old shifter friends at Merlotte's who want him to rejoin the group and run with them again. He grudgingly agrees, but when he visits the two later, he finds them shot through the head. 

Werewolf retribution? But wouldn't they just eat them? Or do werewolves cover up their crimes with gunshot wounds?

And in our weekly visit to Superfluous Plot Starring Terry and Patrick, the two are on the road to visit an old comrade in South Dakota whom they suspect is the arsonist. Terry gets a serious PTSD flashback to Iraq, and we learn his patrol witnessed the murders of an entire family of civilians. Yes, that would be traumatizing.

They end up at the former Marine's house, find a basement filled with eerie drawings and photos of arson and say, "I knew that f---er was sick."

"...and armed," the guy says in the Overly Dramatic Dialogue of the Episode. He holds a gun to them. 

Still don't care. But hey, at least we say nearly naked fairies dancing with each other.