Sookie urges him to be patient. "It's always hard in the beginning," she says, remembering how Jessica was once she turned vamp. "Tara is in there. You have to have faith. Please."

Lafayette relents, and Sookie's plan is, for some reason, to go to the Stake House, a redneck shop for vampire protection that looks like a gun shop in Alabama but features stuff like silver mist spray, stakes and chains. 

Sookie buys some of the home-protection system in case Russell comes a knockin'.

But later Tara wakes up, stares them both down again and says "I will never forgive any of you." It's the first thing Tara has said to her cousin and best friend since turning vamp and it's some strong, painful words.

She runs out of the house, gets sprayed by the silver mist and runs away. Vamp Tara is on the loose. Hope she's not heading to pay her bare-knuckle fighter girlfriend a visit. That won't go well.

Wolf politics: Speaking of rednecks, the rednecks of the supernatural world, the werewolves, are still feeding on their fallen packmaster Marcus. 

And Alcide wants nothing of it. Particularly the food, but also now becoming the packmaster since he killed the old ones. Werewolves have rules, you know. "My son was not perfect, but he deserves respect," says Martha Bozeman. Respect = eating him.

Alcide reiterates that he has no interest in being packmaster. Martha seems pissed, but the pack seems OK with it because they think Alcide is "above the laws of the pack." Alcide has always been conflicted about not necessarily being a werewolf, but having to be in a vicious pack like his. He wants to be more mainstream with society, but the wolfpack and defiantly un-human-assimilation in their ways.

Meanwhile, Luna helps nurse Sam back to health but Martha comes to the door to see her granddaughter, Emma. Luna wants nothing more to do with the Bozeman family.

"What happens when Emma turns? She needs a pack," Martha offers.

"Maybe she's a shifter?" Luna says.

"She's wolf. I can feel it," Martha says. 

If having to raise a little girl alone isn't hard enough, Luna now must think about whether sweet Emma will become a shifter like her mom or a werewolf like her dad. Awkward. They probably don't go over that in sex ed in Bon Temps.

Luna doesn't care that Martha wants a relationship with her daughter. And Sam does his best to be super-nice Sam.

"Easy now. She just lost her son," he says.

"She just ate her son," Luna says. Morbidly, this was one of the funniest moments in the episode.

Sam tries to act as though he has a right to tell Luna what to do with her own daughter.

"There is no 'we' in this decision," Luna says and kicks her boyfriend out.

Later, she's faced with one of her biggest fears. She checks on Emma, opens the door and sees a tiny wolf pup. 

$10,000 for Jason: A pleasant surprise so far this season: the comic relief of Steve Newlin in love with Jason!