Christopher Meloni plays the powerful and well-dressed Roman.

Christopher Meloni plays the powerful and well-dressed Roman. (HBO / June 17, 2012)

Think Dick Cheney's thoughts on torture are extreme? Meet the Authority.

Meet them and be afraid. Very afraid. Because underneath the sheen of gentility, bureaucratic formalities and a really sweet reception area, the Authority is pretty vicious. 

Indeed, Nan Flanagan was murdered and they want to get the bottom of it. But seriously, silver pulsating through Bill and Eric's veins during interrogation? Whatever happened to we want to live with the humans peacefully? 

The bulk of the second episode of the season was set at the Vampire Authority headquarters in what appears to be an underground labyrinth of a warehouse (it's super dark). Bill, Eric and Nora are in handcuffs and escorted in to meet Salome (Valentina Cervi) a fellow Authority chancellor who is not happy with Nora.

Quick summary of the meeting:

Nora: "They're more valuable to us alive!"

Salome: Slap. 

Salome takes the three down to their jail cells where they meet a fellow prisoner, Nigel, who Nora tells us was eating babies instead of delivering them. You just can't trust all vampire doctors to not eat newborns, apparently. 

Nigel's face is severly scarred and we soon find out why — UV light blankets each cell and smoke stars to come off of the prisoner's faces. Authority does not play. 

It only gets worse. We don't see what the Authority has in store for Nora (she's being suspected of treason, so that can't be good for her), but Bill and Eric get separate interrogations.

Bill is questioned by an older gentleman (I say this loosely) and he's attached to a machine with three vials hooked to his arm via a tube. It looks vaguely like a Jack Kevorkian suicide machine. 

There's a copy of a "Vampire Bible" on the table, and Bill's interrogator wants to know if he's a true believer. Here, we interestingly learn that before God created Adam and Eve he created Lilth, "who, like God, was vampire." I could already hear the church protests forming. 

The Bible also says that man was put on Earth as food sources (co-mingling peacefully, huh?).

"Do you believe it?" the man asks Bill.

"I do not," Bill responds. 

When Bill later says he isn't a "true believer" again, the man presses a button and the silver floods Bill's veins. He grimaces wildly, appears out of breath and looks to be suffering something similar to a heart attack.

Eric is tortured similarly by Salome.

"Was it you or Bill Compton who murdered Nan Flanagan?" she asks.

"Nan Flanagan is dead?" Eric says.

Silver button.