DON'T GO, HOYT!: One of the most touching"True Blood" moments of the season happens when Hoyt tells Jessica and Jason that he wants to leave Bon Temps for good (who can blame him?) for a job in Alaska (didn't he see "30 Days of Night"?! More vamps, Hoyt!). Then he asks Jessica to glamour him to make him forget everything about Jessica -- and Jason.

It was painful to watch Jessica hold back the tears when she follows his wishes. And it was even sadder to see Jason break down in tears when his best friend doesn't recognize him later. Still, it appears Hoyt may be gone for good, even if his mom tried to make him stay in town by buying him a California King bed.

"I don't approve of the state, but it's good for a boy your size," she explains.

RESCUING EMMA: Luna, annoyingly dramatic as ever, is hellbent on getting Emma from Steve Newlin. So Sam flies them down to New Orleans where Steve is debating a congressman on TV. They shift into mice (naked Luna alert!), hide themselves in Steve's briefcase, and sneak into the Authority.

They witness Emma getting scolded by Steve, when she turns into a human.

"Emma, you know your Daddy doesn't like it when you're human!" Newlin says.


FANGTASIA BLOOD: What a weird end to the new sheriff presiding over Fangtasia (aka: Eric's replacement). That said, I was never a fan. First of all, his name is Elijah, which is wussy. Secondly, he looks straight from "The Lost Boys." Third, he's rude to Pam and Tara and tells them that they need to procreate (aka: make new baby vampires) or he'll seize their assets (Fangtasia).

Pam appears to give up hope, but Tara's not having it. Using barmaid Ginger as bait, she calls Elijah, telling him that she thinks she killed Ginger and, in a sly "Gone With the Wind" reference, says "I don't know nuthin' about birthin' no vampire babies."

Then Ginger stabs him in the chest and Tara beheads him, leading to a hysterical Ginger (screaming for the 123rd time in the series) and Pam saying, "You have got to be kidding me."

"No one f---s with us in my house," Tara says.

Love the Pam-Tara duo.

FINALLY: Lovesick-for-Sookie coroner Mike finally got some time with his crush -- he just happened to be a turned vampire who wanted to eat her.

Sookie stakes him in the spine and later Andy helps her clean up -- and tells her that Mike used to keep his porn on the same computer as his autopsy photos.

Guess he got what he deserved.