Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin ( John P. Johnson/courtesy of HBO / April 22, 2014)

This week’s episode picks up with the aftermath of the Battle at Fangtasia. Pam tries to talk to Willa, who has no plans to join their search to track down Sarah Newlin. Short version: Eric is a deadbeat maker who left her stranded mere weeks after turning her, and Pam deserted Tara right before her death.

Drained, Eric apologizes to Willa (while sitting on his throne!) and tries to pump Willa for info on Sarah Newlin’s whereabouts, since she was basically Willa’s stepmother. Willa agrees to help him if he releases her, so he does.

Turns out, Sarah has a sister named Amber Mills who just so happens to be a vampire. Willa doesn’t know where she is exactly (or how this information remained a secret), but she overheard a phone conversation in which Sarah threatened to have Amber (who called from a Dallas area code) sent to the concentration camp if she ever called her again.


Sookie arrives home and James is there with Lafayette, who came to pay his respects. Has James been invited into Sookie’s house before? Because he just strolls in. Lafayette puts her to bed and promises to stay the night. I love him so much.

The next night, Sookie wakes to find A) Jackson outside loading Alcide’s things into his truck and B) her house decked out in a hundred candles and flowing scarves. Obviously Lafayette’s work.

Jackson tells her to give him a call when she feels ready to go through his son’s things.

Jenny and Lafayette have cooked up a massive amount of food and invited the town over for a party in honor of Alcide. Sookie’s furious; she wants to grieve alone in her bathrobe. Lafayette tells her that the company will help her not to feel lonely, and they all push her to get dressed.

Bill arrives early, because showing up to a party early is the most Bill Compton-move ever. He didn’t BHOB, as Lafayette asked, but he brought Sookie some flowers.


Turns out, Amber Mills has Hep V and a major grudge against her sister. The black sheep of the family, Amber was turned by her now-dead vampire boyfriend right around the time that Sarah married Steve Newlin. The first lady of the Fellowship of the Sun simply couldn’t have a vampire sister, so Sarah paid Amber to stay in the coffin. Then, somehow, she and her boyfriend both mysteriously contracted Hep V.

OK. She hates her sister…but is she willing to help kill her? Of course she is. Pam takes a liking to her instantly. I don’t hate this new character either, but it does seem a little strange for the show to introduce new characters after steadily killing off fan favorites.

Amber figures that Sarah will run to their parents for help, now that her life is in danger. They live in town and just so happen to be going to a Ted Cruz event at the Bush Library, which will obviously be on vampire lockdown. Time for another undercover mission! Oh, I wonder what accent Eric will do!

Lettie Mae is still chasing V …

… but Rev. Daniels is not easily fooled. Lettie claims that she wants to go to the party at Sookie’s to say goodbye to Tara. But her husband forbids it, on the grounds that there will be both alcohol and vampires at that party. Lettie Mae sneaks a bottle of Benedryl out of a cabinet, which she later uses to dope up the Reverend so that she can sneak out of the house.

A party and a Bill Compton flashback

The party seems pretty fun, with the Fangtasia survivors doing shots and celebrating being alive. Jane Boathouse even decides to get her life together … starting tomorrow. The partying makes Bill have a Civil War flashback, because looking at a stick of butter would make Bill have a Civil War flashback. This time it’s about Jane Boathouse’s saloon-running ancestor kicking him out of the bar for being less-than-excited about the start of the Civil War.

Back in the present, Sookie’s come down for the party. Jason and Violet are the first to greet her. Violet breaks Lafayette’s rules and apologizes for Sookie’s loss. She can empathize, having lost hundreds of boyfriends over the years, but remembers how “painful those first ones were.”

Lettie Mae arrives at the party just as Jackson’s doing some sweet reminiscing about his hardheaded, idealistic son. Lafayette tries to get his aunt out of here, but Sookie invites her to say a few words about Tara. Lettie offers her condolences to Jackson and gives a sweet toast to Tara, the daughter she never really took care of, who died saving her life.

Andy steps out of the party to invite a brooding Jessica inside.  At first she refuses, but he points out that her torturing herself over killing his daughters “keeps the pain alive for [him], too.” She protected Adilyn, she helped them find Holly; Andy wants to move forward, but with Jessica’s help. He asks to borrow one of her rings … to propose to Holly!