Anne Paquin

Anna Paquin (Tony Rivetti/courtesy of HBO / February 14, 2014)

This show’s mythology can be overwhelming to follow, with several species of supes, shadow corporations and governments and of course, the constant flashbacks and shifting allegiances.  So, it’s nice when we unexpectedly get to check in with a fan favorite, rather than meet someone new.

The episode starts at an L.A. yoga institute, with a guru coaching yogis through a series of asanas. It’s all pretty dull until we stop at a familiar face: SARAH FREAKING NEWLIN. She was quietly the only really great thing about Season 5 (killing that woman with a high-heeled shoe? C’mon!) and has been MIA ever since Jason ran her out of town. If she’s back, my hopes for this season will keep growing.

Pam and Eric

Eric, who contracted Hep-V about a month ago, is impressed that Pam found him -- and maybe a little shocked that she looked so hard. Not sure why. He’s been the only living creature Pam’s truly been devoted to for years. Well, him and Tara, whose death Pam sensed while she was in Morocco.

Eric doesn’t apologize for her loss, but instead asks her if she played the “Bucket Game” (vamp Russian Roulette), which makes her ask the question all of us have been screaming at our screens: “What is wrong with you? You are Eric f---ing Northman!”

But he’s given up. He lost Godric, Nora and someone named Sylvie, who we meet in a 1980s flashback of Eric in a Rhone Valley vineyard. Sylvie, a brunette French woman, is having sex with Eric under the moonlight when Nan Flanagan (!) interrupts them.

Turns out, Eric and Pam failed to register with their local sheriff or pay taxes, making the Authority very unhappy. Nan’s most upset that Eric was risking exposure by biting and having sex with Sylvie out in the open. Tru Blood was on its way and with it, mainstreaming was about to become a reality. Eric snarks at the news, but Nan assures him that the Authority and the Yakanomo Corporation, the makers of Tru Blood, mean business and will demand their compliance. Pam tells Nan that she understands, but Eric is defiant.

Nan gone, Pam promptly freaks. Eric just insulted an Authority member, so Pam’s pretty sure they need to make with the fleeing now. But Eric refuses to leave, on the grounds that Sylvie wants to finish university. Pam says Sylvie is “just a human,” and Eric reminds her that she’s his progeny. He’s always protected her and she falls into line with him. Not the Authority.

At Home with Alcide and Sookie

Done showering, Alcide looks for Sookie. Of course, she’s not there, because she has, once again, gone out into the night. By herself. With a body full of fairy blood. Alcide tracks her to Bill’s house, but they’re already headed elsewhere in a car. Bill assures Sookie that he covered their tracks, but he still wants to make sure she’s certain about her plan. She’s got on her "resolved face," so there’s no turning back.

Sam, Rev. Daniels and Sam’s creepy vampire match, Matt

Sam’s still reeling about what they learned in St. Alice, but all I can think is WHY AREN’T YOU OUT LOOKING FOR YOUR PREGNANT FIANCEE?  This is actually the first time I have heard him mention Nicole in awhile.

Just as Daniels is offering Sam some wise words about what makes life worth living, Willa and Lettie Mae storm in, freaking and high on V, looking for Tara.

After leaving Daniels to handle his family business, Matt and Sam run straight into the mob of vigilantes, armed and waiting. Sam tries talking sense to them, but of course, they are all too blinded by hate and fear to be moved, with Vince unceremoniously killing Matt.

Vince says that Sam tricked Bon Temps into thinking they were voting for a human mayor when they were really voting for the devil. What’s more, the town has decided to make Vince mayor, instead. (No way that can go wrong, guys.) He tells Sam to leave Bon Temps, but that isn’t happening. Instead, Sam shifts into an owl and flies away.

Poor Jason Stackhouse

Andy’s speech about family really did get to him, and he asks Violet if she’d consider adopting a baby with him -- if they get through the current apocalypse, of course. Because Violet is The Worst, she accuses Jason of being soft. She wants him to be cold, unfeeling and honorable, like the men of her day, but Jason insists that he’s a modern man and not ashamed of it. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Andy, Adilyn, Wade (both rescued from the BTPD jail) and Jess, whom Violet promptly threatens. See? The. Worst.

They fill Jason in on what happened at the police department, including Adilyn’s fears that the townspeople might be after Sookie.

On the search, they come across Sam’s abandoned truck and, of course, the gun-toting mob, which refuses to let them through. Worst of all is Hoyt’s mom, who is out to get Jess and Jason, who she (correctly) blames for Hoyt’s leaving. It probably didn’t help that his mom is awful, but whatevz.

Things take a turn when Hoyt’s mom shoots Jess in the arm, leading Violet to rush over and rip out Mrs. Fortenberry’s heart. The mob scatters, but that definitely won’t be the last of them.