They all are impressed with Josh's smoked/fried combo but Stefan's cordon blue has given Emeril "the chicken cordon blues."

Vinnie agrees, "You're given another chance and you serve f------ chicken cordon blue?!"

The gang is forced to wait until tomorrow morning for judges table -- no surprise, as the judges seemed terrifically hammered by the end of their meal. 

Back in the stew room, a refreshed Padma calls back Josh, Sheldon and Lizzie. Lizzie seems surprised to be in the top three. Tom praises her for her cabbage salad and while the chicken was not a straightforward interpretation, Wolfgang gives her high marks for her crispy dish. David Chang and Emeril were most impressed with Josh's chicken, which was made way his grandfather did it, by dredging the chicken a brown paper bag.

Sheldon's sweet and savory offering gets huge praise from the judges, save Tom complaining that he ordered a 16-piece bucket but only got 10 pieces.

David Chang announces the winner -- no surprise -- Josh. His smoked fried chicken with hot sauce & blue cheese had the most "lip smacking goodness" and he takes home 365 bottles of Terlato wine. 

Brooke, Josie, and Stefan head back to get the bad news. Brooke is criticized for taking her chicken of the bone, she agrees with judges and admits this was not her challenge, that she "got into her own head" and was brought down by her own over-thinking.

Josie's excuse for her grease-laden chicken was that she ran out of time. "An hour to fry chicken is plenty of time," Tom snaps back. "I had a piece and it was delicious and everyone who tasted it thought it was delicious, so ...," she offers.

Tom shrugs, and says "I guess Dave and Wolf and Emeril and Johnny and Vinny and Michelle and Padma and me, we don't [have] any idea what we're talking about." Oh, BURN. 

Stefan's explanation for his dish is that he grew up in Europe and that they don't have fried chicken there like we do. Tom asks Wolfgang where he grew up.

"In Austria," Wolfgang says, "where one of our most famous dishes is fried chicken!"

Stefan counters that he wanted to put his European twist on fried chicken.

"Chicken cordon blue is not a 'twist,'" Tom says. "It's something you get at bad banquets."

Tom seems to be in an especially eviscerating mood this judges' table. It's wickedly fun to watch. 

As the three chefs leave, Padma shakes her head and remarks of Stefan, "Such a bull----ter. SUCH a bull----ter!"

The judges debate who had the worst fried chicken. Tom says he would rather eat Brooke's dry overcooked breasts than Josie's greasy chicken. Padma says she can't even remember the last time she had cordon blue.

"I can," Emeril admits. "It was two flights ago."

Padma asks Josie to please pack her knives and go. Kristen, you are AVENGED! 

Stefan reaches out to hug her and in the most awkward moment I've seen this season, Josie shirks and high fives him instead. She then turns to actually hug Brooke who is turned, saying goodbye to the judges and thus Josie is left hugless, giggling uncomfortably as she steps away. 

Josie's thoughtful, reflective exit interview: "Whatever, man. It's kind of stupid."

Josh sums it up for all of us: "Thank god the Josie show has been cancelled."

Next week: The final five take a party boat to Alaska, and someone will walk the plank.