1. When it's time to relax and get away from it all, I retreat to a hot bath with a little coconut oil added — twice a day if possible.
  2. The principles of aikido and kyokushin karate play a big role in my activities, from working on set with other actors to actually being in the dojo itself and training.
  3. Unifying body and spirit leads to an inner calm which can help in our everyday life, as it would during  a zombie outbreak.
  4. I admire the writings of Robert Service and Flannery O'Connor.
  5. Owls are roosting outside my bedroom window, which help me sleep.
  6. I love my bed. I like to read, tweet, go on Facebook and study my scripts in it, among other things, like sleep.
  7. I enjoy anything that has to do with hitting a target: rifle, pistol, shotgun shooting, longbow, compound bow, throwing knives, axes, hatchets, rocks. You name it, I throw it and hit it.
  8. I've been known to throw a lemon drop 4 stories in the air and catch it in my mouth, all the while praying that it does't go down my throat.
  9. I am quite sensitive and bruise very easily emotionally and physically.
  10. I used to pay my sisters 25 cents to scratch my back. I still owe them money.
  11. After a long hard day on the set, I enjoy a good old-fashioned Long Island iced tea.

Such an amazing man! Seriously, what planet is this guy from? Two hot baths a day, training in the dojo, throwing rocks, catching lemon drops in his mouth from four stories, bruising easily emotionally and physically, drinking Long Island iced teas??? I love this guy!

John 5:29

This is the Bible passage that Hershel left out for the Governor to read when he invaded the prison.

"And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation."

Sick Hershel, just sick! :-)

Ironically, this episode's production number is 316. John 3:16. This episode aired on Easter Sunday. Yup, you're only going to get analysis like that here!

Carl is evil Dennis the Menace

It was funny when Carl shot that prisoner of war and Hershel was tattling on him to Rick. Hershel was like "Rick! Im telling you, he gunned that kid down." as if Hershel was Mr. Wilson and Carl had thrown a baseball through his bay window.

Rest in peace...

Even though he was a huge poindexter and a bit of a space cadet, I liked Milton. So it was a little bit heartbreaking to watch the Governor thrust that blade into his abdomen a dozen times. And give credit to Milton, he REALLY hung in there while he was bleeding out. Who is he, Rasputin? It also seemed like a bad call on the Governor's part, since Milton pretty much was the Woodbury R&D department. Then again, the Governor hasn't really been making smart life decisions recently.

Andrea was not exactly a fan favorite, but she was good people. As she tells us about a dozen times in this episode, she just didn't want people to die. In short, she was too good for this world, and nice guys finish dead in the zombie apocalypse. She was kind of annoying, sometimes nagged, was pretty good with a gun, and was fairly attractive. At least now she can be reunited with her sister Amy in the afterlife. Maybe if she had amputated her neck the way Hershel did with his leg she could have survived...

Lesser rest in peace....

The character that Carl shot was named Jody, portrayed by actor Tanner Holland. Another Woodburian who died was named Paul, played by E. Roger Mitchell. (Thanks Walking Dead wiki!)


There was a time when it wasn't quite clear whether we were supposed to see the Governor as a villian or not. Well that's all over. He bullied the heck out of Milton, and then went beyond bullying and murdered him (hey Governor, we are judged by how we treat our weakest members. You fail. You don't clear.) He also succumbed to massive road rage (don't do it guys, just don't get road rage, count to ten or think about a forest or something, there are idiot drivers all over and getting all riled up doesn't solve anything) and gunned down a crowd of people. The Governor has definitely made a heel turn. Who is he, Jim Jones?


The Governor's strategy of attacking the prison is pretty laughable. He rolls up guns ablazing and shoots out the prison's crows nest guard towers. Great job. (sarcasm) Then he leads his whole team into the catacombs of the prison, which seems to be unoccupied. Great idea, Governor. So of course it becomes a hot mess, as any sane person could have predicted, and the Governor ends up killing almost his entire team anyway. A country that's divided surely will not stand. Maybe instead of "The Governor" he should be called "The Idiot" from now on...

Tyreese is my new Merle

Now that Merle is gone, Tyreese is my fave character. I wish he'd show a little more personality, but I like his beard, the way he wears a backpack, and he seems to be pretty genuine and friendly. That's why I was really scared for a minute when he was pinned down defending Woodbury. I felt really sorry for him and I thought he might die. Thank goodness for small miracles. And now he's on the good guys' team.