Merle's jams...

Merle's jams were so nice. And that sound system was silly fresh with the color effects. Tight. And that rig had some bangin' rims! He listened to Motorhead, Fast and Loose.


Led Zeppelin, All of My Love

Type O Negatve, Some Stupid Tomorrow

A Perfect Circle, Gravity

Deadsy, Babes in Abyss

The Rolling Stones, Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Dinosaur Jr., Crumble

Pailhead, Man Should Surrender

The Cure, Charlotte Sometimes

Ozzy Osbourne, Over The Mountain

Bad Company, Shooting Star

Danzig, Black Angel, White Angel

Quote board

Rick: "Do you even know why you do the things you do? The choices you make?"

Merle: "You're cold as ice Officer Friendly"

Merle: "I don't know why I do the things I do, never did, I'm a damn mystery to me."

Merle: "We got any whiskey? Hell I'd even drink vodka."

Carol: "It's not time to do shots, it's time to pick a damn side."

Merle: "Do you even possess a pair of balls little brother?"

Daryl: "You can't do things without people anymore man…"

Michonne: "Wanted my sword back before I get away." (weird smile)

Michonne: "That's a whole lot of maybes…"

Merle: "I can't 'go back'. Don't you understand that? I can't."

Merle: "You gotta play the hand you're dealt, I only got one…"

Merle: "I've killed 16 men since all this went down…let's go."

Merle: "I aint gonna beg, I aint begging you!"

Rick: ""We can stand and fight, or we can go!"

Winner: My Best Friend

Best zombie kill

I liked it when Michonne tied copper wire all around this lady zombie's neck and some beam, and then the lady zombie was like "Hey, what the?" and Michonne yanked, and *POP* came off its head like a dandelion!

The one she stomped on with her steam punk boots was pretty good too.

Creepiest zombie

There was this one that walked up to Merle while he was hot wiring the car and Michonne was tied up. It looked like it had a big pillow in its shirt except the pillow was all rotting guts and its mouth was all snaggled and mangled so creepy. Merle cut off the whole front of its face, which was awesome.

Death count

Zombies: There were at least 25, for 255-260 on the season.

Humans: Five? Merle, Ben, a few other guys, one of them had long Native American hair. 34 on the season.

Lingering questions

  • How do Milton's inventions work?
  • What is Morgan going to do with himself in King County?
  • Who burned up all those zombies in the pit?
  • Who's psyched for next week's season finale?

What song was the Governor whistling while he stalked Andrea? Thanks to JGreeb for the intel that it was "Bye Bye Baby Bunting"!

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Welcome to the Tombs"

The Governor tortures Andrea. Rick tells Michonne she's one of them. The Governor rallies the soldiers for a real fight! Team Woodbury actually attacks Team Prison! Something big is gonna happen!