When the Governor inferred that the child (Judith) Rick's wife died giving birth to was actually fathered by Rick's former best friend, Shane, he basically ensured that he and Rick could never be friends, and that Rick will probably take great pleasure in killing the Governor eventually.

Did you know?

Speed: 380 fps
Draw Weight: 160 lbs
Mass: 6.9 lbs
Energy: 123 foot-pounds
Length: 34.5 inches
Cabling: Hand-made polymer blend Octane string

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  • The song at the end of the episode is "Warm Shadow" by Fink. It's not really the kind of music I like...

Did you notice?

  • The Governor mentions that his last name is Blake.
  • One of the buildings they hang out near is called "Verlin's Feed and Seed Co." Another was called "Funks G" something.
  • Here is the little commercial break thing:
Chandler Riggs' Favorite Lines of Dialogue
"Everything's food for something else." - Carl
"Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had a little something different in mind." -Hershel
"No more kid stuff." -Rick (to Carl)
"Look at this. She sent us a biter-gram, y'all!" -Merle