What everyone is up to

Rick: Shaking off the cobwebs.

Michonne: Fondling bullets and giving Rick the eyes.

Carl: Being more of a father to Judith than Rick ever was!

Morgan: Acting batty.

Backpacker: Trying to befriend strangers by running at them and screaming maniacally.

Best zombie kill

When Michonne impaled that one through the forehead. It was about to tell Carl to stop dancing on the bar. It had a really perfect crew cut. I guess a zombie's hair stops growing when it dies, but wouldn't its hair be more mussed up? When I get a crew cut it looks worse than that just after two days of rolling around in bed and wearing hats.

Creepiest zombie

There was that one shuffling around near Morgan's traps in King County that had the sickest washboard abs. It had like a size 22 waist, like Ravishing Rick Rude.

There was also one that stumbled out of the walk-in freezer at the King County Cafe. It was all dry and dirty, it looked like it had been rolling around in flour or got buried by a bunch of kids at Rehoboth Beach and just stayed there for five years.

Death count

Zombies: Nine, for 190 on the season.

Humans: One, the raving Sunny Surplus shopping spree man, for 29 on the season.
Lingering questions

  • How do Milton's inventions work?
  • What is Morgan going to do with himself in King County?
  • Why didn't the Governor have a scout near the prison who could have told him that three of its best fighters (Rick, Carl and Michonne) had just gone on a daytrip, and that it was a good time to attack?
  • Who would win in a fight: The Blair Witch, or the zombies?

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Arrow on the Doorpost"

The Governor meets with Rick and is there for one thing only, their surrender. The heat is back on in the Woodbury vs. prison fight.