As Rick, Carl and Michonne head back to the prison in the Hyundai, they pass the mutilated corpse of the screaming man who had been trying to flag them down at the beginning of the episode.

They wouldn't stop for him then, or even acknowledge his existence, but now they'll stop: to pilfer his Jansport.


One of the strangest attempts at humor ever on The Walking Dead

When Michonne does her little stealthy ninja bit to retreive the Grimes Olan Mills photo, she also produces this unusual, rainbow wooden statuette thing of a cat arching its back.

And then, as a way of explaining that her motivation wasn't entirely to do Carl a solid, she says that the hideous cat statue was "just too damn gorgeous."

WTF!? What is she going to do with that monstrosity? Anything other than lob it into the air and chop the heck out of it with her Genji Blade before it hits the ground is simply unacceptable.

Second place: At the end of the episode Rick says to Michonne "Do you wanna drive? Good, 'cause I see things." It got a little chuckle, but it was kind of like that moment at the end of a sitcom where they refer to something silly that happened earlier in the episode.

Another pretty good bit was when Michonne just started snacking on Morgan's granola (that sounds really dirty) and Rick was like "we're eating his food now?" Michonne just goes "the mat said welcome." I chortled.

Reintroducing Lennie James

Morgan is played by actor Lennie James. Lennie is British and has also been in a bunch of other TV shows, including Jericho, and the movie Snatch. He's a pretty sick actor. Remember when he was like "You said you would turn on your radio every day at dawn and you were NOT THERE!" That was awesome. Good to have you back Lennie.

Did you know?

  • According to AMC Story Sync, Morgan has 26 assault rifles, one sniper rifle, 22 hunting rifles, 10 shotguns, 48 grenades, one crossbow, 10 semi-automatic handguns and four hunting long bows. (Now I'm not one of these pacifist hippies, but doesn't that seem excessive for one man? I mean, do you really need 50 rifles to kill a zombie?)
  • "King County" was actually Grantville, GA
  • Morgan was supposed to come back last season, but according to Talking Dead, actor Lennie James was just too busy...

Did you notice?

  • King County downtown is at the 51-mile marker of something...
  • There is a sign in the police office that says "Take home weapons can not be stored in vehicles trunks."
  • There was a green grasshopper on the brick wall when they arrived at King County!
  • Among the businesses they walked past was McKee Heating and Air Conditioning. There is an actual business by that name in Grantville, GA. Apparently Mark McKee treats his customers like they are family.
  • That ax trap that Morgan set seems to have worked recently, because it was covered in fresh blood! Who did it work on, a zombie or a man?
  • Rick's old house was on Morgan's map of town, and it was listed as "Taken" and then "Burnt out."
  • At one point when Rick was talking to Morgan his British accent slipped out. He said "You can" and it sounded like "You cahh-nnn" like he was Austin Powers.
  • The sign alongside the highway at the beginning said "Erin, we tried for Stone Mountain, -J" Then later some zombie has a bracelet on that says "Erin." Was J the hiker guy? My joke is that from the looks of all the feathers and beads on that sign they were trying for "stoned" mountain. Hah!

Morgan's mad scrawlings

I'm not going to go back and write down everything Morgan wrote on his walls in his apartment because if I did, I'd go insane (ROFL!) But here are a few of the things he wrote around town: