6 - The well walker.
7 - The zombie that Michonne cut open and the guts spilled out.
8 - The handcuffed zombie.
9 - The gas mask zombie.
10 - The walker who was eating the deer.

Play list


What everyone is up to

Andrea: Rolling in a sick Crown Vic. And acting like she's completely out of the loop. What happened to Shane, what happened to Lori? Get a clue Andrea!

Governor: Seeming like an all around good guy again. Holding a match up to his eye wound. Assembling an army of teeny boppers.

Maggie: Using an awesome Golden Eye sniper rifle.

Hershel: Spitting SO much truth!

A bunch of characters did hardly anything except for flap their gums a little bit. Like Glenn.


Quote board

Some lady: "Noah's only 14. And he has asthma. He can't run more than ten yards before losing his breath. What good is that to you?" #NFLCombine

Noah: "I had a BB gun once, my mom took it away..."

Andrea: "I don't get it, I left Atlanta with you people and now I'm the odd man out?"

Andrea: "I'm sick of this. Sick of the lies!"