Rick: Quickly descending into madness. Leaving Tyreese hanging. Why won't he shake anyone's hand? Is he one of those hand sanitizer obsessed people?

Carl: Wearing that dumb cowboy hat and trying to act like a big boy now who gets to eat Lunchables Maxed Out.

Glenn: Putting the boots to an innocent zombie's head and turning it into a Swanson Chicken Pot Pie. Having a lover's quarrel with Maggie.

Daryl: Making a heel turn and ditching the group to go have adventures with Merle again.

Carol: Lamenting the loss of Daryl as a potential sex partner, and warming up to her safety back-up, Axel.

Hershel: Spitting truth, rocking a sick pony tail and showing off his one-legged stair-hopping Parkour skills. Also trying to play marriage counselor to Glenn and Maggie.

Maggie: Getting all emo in front of Hershel and acting like she's too cool for his food.

Beth: Kissing Rick on the cheek and trying to trick the baby into thinking she's its mother.

Andrea: Delivering an inspired war movie speech to all the extras as the Governor peers through the window.

Michonne: Becoming the subject of a comedy roast by Merle. Recovering from a concussion.

The Governor: Losing control of Woodbury and talking sh!t about barbecues and picnics. You mad bro? He also tries to ditch Andrea after boffing her a bunch of times.

Merle: Acting racist, sexist and homophobic and reuniting with Daryl.

Axel: Wearing a cool new military outfit. Does anyone else think he looks kind of like Maynard James Keenan when he wore the big moustache for that one Puscifer album cover?

Milton: Stumbling and bumbling and fumbling through his speech to try to calm the townspeople. Failing to wrangle Andrea as she tried to break up the Daryl-Merle fight.

Tyreese: Offering to become a productive member of the prison staff but getting rebuffed by Rick's insanity episode.


Best zombie kill

When Glenn started dancing the Charleston on that red pick-up truck zombies head. The one where Merle was on his knees jacking up that zombie's pretty face was good too.


Creepiest zombie

When that one busted out a slat of the fence and started peering into Woodbury like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It was funny because it was missing a peeper but it still looked like it was trying to see with that eye.