• So there were a few songs earlier this season that I couldn't identify. Well the show is releasing a soundtrack (Volume 1) now that should reveal all. It features bands like Jamie N. Commons, Voxhaul Broadcast, Baby Bee, Fink, Of Monsters and Men and Delta Spirit. Maybe they'll send me a free copy...or not.
  • The fighting arena is actually an abandoned mill in rural Georgia.
  • Greg Nicotero was also the zombie that bit Andrea's sister Amy and was killed by Andrea in season one. (Thanks Talking Dead!)
  • There is a bar and restaurant in Senoia, Georgia (Woodbury) called Founders. I imagine the cast and crew must patronize the place occasionally. I'll have a Boilermaker with Michael Rooker please.


The other guys

So you know that Tyreese is played by Chad Coleman (Cutty from The Wire). But did you know about his cohorts? Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) has had recurring roles on The Good Wife and NYC 22. Daniel Thomas May (Allen), that dick who wanted to kill Carl and Carol to take over the prison, had a small role on The Vampire Diaries. And Tyler Chase (Ben) played "Ghost Boy" in The Between, whatever that was.


The Suicide King? WTF?

The Suicide King is the name of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style novel by Robert Joseph Levy based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and published in 2005. Wikipedia summarizes the plot as: "A number of student suicides has (sic) been taking place at Sunnydale High, shaking the community. When the new grief counselor ends up killing himself, the Scoobies suspect that there is something supernatural to blame. Soon one of them shows suicidal signs and Buffy must race against time to defeat the ancient Suicide King."

That doesn't seem like the best idea for the plot of a book targetted at young adults.

The name of this episode was probably referring to the King of Hearts playing card, which is also known as The Suicide King, because it's stabbing itself in the head in most traditional decks. I still don't know what the heck that has to do with this episode. Maybe just that Rick is going nuts?


Another outlandish fight scene

Remember when the Governor was a complex character, and you thought maybe he could become a good guy? Well that's all gone out the window. The episode opens with the Governor leading a bloodthirsty crowd of extras to force Merle and whimpering Daryl Dixon into a fight to the death.

"Brother against brother!" the Governor booms, and some guy starts guffawing like he's in the audience at a taping of Mind of Mencia or something.

"Winner goes free! Fight to the death!"

What is this:


Sweet cross promotion!

Tyreese talks about his neighbor Jerry, who was "one of those survivalist nuts." Who was always preparing for the end of the world and had a bunker in his backyard underneath the shed. NatGeo Doomsday Preppers cross promo FTW! I hope next they cross promo Extreme Cheapskates!

On a sidenote that actually relates to the show this blog is about: their camp, which was at one point made up of 25 survivors, was over run near Jacksonville and Donna (Tyreese's wife?) didn't make it.


Maybe you should write a song about it, hippie

Carol talks with Carl about how loud the world used to be and how she complained about traffic, construction and car alarms. And now how she wishes she could hear an airplane.

Well, hey, Joni Mitchell, why don't you bust out your guitar and write some protest songs about noise pollution, Joan Baez.

Then Carl says it would be sweet if they could all be on it, cause he wishes he was on Lost instead of this show.

That dumb commercial break freeze frame thing...

...said this: Norman Reedus on why he's like Daryl

"I'm pretty damaged already I guess. He doesn't know what to say, and neither do I, as you can tell by this answer. I'm loyal to my friends and would do anything for them, but I'm kind of quiet. I believe in people and the cause, but I really don't want to ever be the center of attention. You can tell when Daryl speaks who he is and what he's about. He's nervous but he always speaks from the heart and doesn't hesitate—I'm like that at times. The ways I'm not like Daryl are too numerous to write down here. We can save that for another time."