Merle: "I'll bake a cake with pink frosting, would they like that? Aint nobody coming..."

Merle: "He's gonna do nothing, not if he wants little Bo Peep back."

Merle: "There ain't a pair of nuts between the whole pussy lot of ye."

Daryl: "I got the flash bangs, I got the tear gas... you never know what you're going to need."

Merle: "All right, I want you to imagine how I felt fighting my way off that roof, one hand, losing blood, walkers chompin' down at me every step of the way."

Milton: "He volunteered to be the test subject. He's been very cooperative, he's a remarkable man."

Andrea: "There is no unconscious mind, Milton. When they turn, they become monsters, that's all. Whoever they once were is gone."

Merle: "Maybe a winter in the sticks put some hair on his balls."

Rick: "I know what you did for me, for my baby while I was working things out. Thank'yee."

Daryl: "I guess Lassie went home."

Daryl: "Remember the Alamo!"

Milton: "Did you see that? He responded!"

Milton: "My name is Milton Mamet, please raise your right hand!"

Milton: "I think I'd like to record my findings while they're fresh."

Governor: "We're through with games, now one of you is gonna give up your camp."

Governor: "This group with your brother at its core has done something you told me couldn't be done, they did it ... your brother might be out there right now searching for them. Blood is blood right? Makes me wonder where your loyalties lie..."

Governor: "It's over now, it's all right."

Winner: Merle
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