Rick: Recollecting his sanity and leading Daryl, Michonne and Oscar on a mission to kill a rogue hunter and find Woodbury.

Carl: Getting the nod from Rick Grimes to protect the prison.

Glenn: Getting his face all bopped up by Merle and killing a zombie while his arms are duct taped to a chair.

Daryl: Helping Rick and Oscar find Woodbury with Michonne.

Carol: Rejoining the general prison population and triggering a big emotional tears-of-joy fest.

Hershel: Tending to Michonne's leg wound.

Maggie: Being interrogated by the Governor, removing her top under durress and spilling the beans about the prison.

Beth: Standing around getting all teary eyed.

Andrea: Helping Milton care for a senior citizen, and then stabbing that senior citizen through the top of the skull.

Michonne: Making her way into the prison and not trusting anyone, before joining Rick Grimes and Co. on a mission to Woodbury.

The Governor: Acting real creepy around Maggie, and getting paranoid about the prison camp.

Merle: Becoming racist again and stealing Glenn in the grill a bunch of times.

Axel: Crossing his arms over his chest and offering to raid Woodbury, but being turned down. He should be very concerned about his chances for survival in next week's midseason finale. I guess he's still tinkering with that generator?

Oscar: Being upgraded to the inner circle, killing a zombie, and helping scope out Woodbury.

Milton: Sipping Tetley tea and performing cruel and unusual experiments on gentle old men.

Best zombie kill

Just for the degree of difficulty, it has to go to Glenn bopping around on the chair and then jamming that broken piece of wood through the side of that guy's dome.

Creepiest zombie

That one that was standing next to Michonne acting all cool, and then out of the blue turned to her like "Hello! What have we here?" His make-up wasn't even that great, he just looked like some Kohls shopper or something, but it's always creepy when you think you're all good, and then some zombie standing right next to you is like "HISSSSSS!!!"

Death count

Zombies: 15 (seven by Rick, two by Carl, two by Michonne, one by Andrea, one by Daryl, one by Glenn and one by Oscar for 159 on the season.

Humans: Irrational Rip Van Winkle hunter, stabbed through the nape of his neck and upper chest by Michonne for his unacceptable behavior, for 18 on the season.

Lingering questions

  • Where are Morgan and Duane?
  • What's in Milton's special tea? Some kind of serum or opiate?
  • How does Milton's awesome zombie-proof jacket work? It just looked like a bunch of duct tape to me...(That thing tried to bite Glenn's duct taped arm too and that didn't work. I know, it bit mostly wooden chair arm.)
  • Why did the Governor ask Andrea to assist Milton with the reanimated old man experiment?

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Made to Suffer"

Carl protects the prison, Daryl and Rick gab about what's going on and they lay siege upon Woodbury. Andrea primps herself in the Governor's chambers and looks at a picture of his deceased family, then discusses town business with him before he stares in the mirror like Patrick Bateman. Michonne sneaks into the Governor's chambers and releases Penny, not knowing that she's a zombie (cause there's a bag over her head). Hilarity ensues.