Merle: "She ain't running son, she's hunting. And so are we."

Hershel: "Still feel it, wiggling my toes right now. *chuckle* I'm a ghost from the knee down."

Hershel: "I'll sit here with you. That's something I'm pretty good at nowadays."

Daryl: "You know my mom, she liked her wine, she liked to smoke in bed, Virginia Slims … that was my mom in bed, burnt down to nothing."

Merle: "You rose to the occasion kid. When we get back, I'm gonna get you a beer ... we're done, we're gonna grab a car and haul ass home. This was a good day's work."

Merle: "Yep, but we messed her up pretty badly…"

Governor: "My dog was a wonder of stupidity, lost a fight with a tree once."

Governor: "There's a glass in my hand, leaves in the breeze, talkin' with you…"

Oscar: "You know, the end of the day, relaxin'!"

Rick: "I loved you. I couldn't put it back together."

Winner: Merle
What everyone is up to

Rick: Talking to ghosts on his princess phone. Holding the baby like it was Simba.

Carl: Playing a game of how-my-mom-died one-upmanship with Daryl.

Glenn: Going on a baby formula run in a GMC Jimmy and getting the old CGI-bats-in-the-face prank played on him.

Daryl: Trying to serve as a father figure for Carl by telling him stories about his mom's smoking-in-bed habit. Stabbing the heck out of the wall and floor and rescuing Carol.

Carol: Tapping a prison door like a metronome and getting rescued by her crush, Daryl.

Hershel: Checking in on Rick's descent into madness and holding a cute baby.

Maggie: Sensually kissing Glenn in the sunlight and then getting held hostage.

Beth: Stirring some Campbell's Chunky soup in a big cast iron pot.

Andrea: French kissing the Governor and then making the beast with two backs.