• When the Governor and Andrea sit down at the wrasslin' match, Andrea is like "It's a little loud!" and I wish the Governor had been like "Sorry grandma, why don't you turn down the sensitivity on your hearing aid!" Zing!
  • They really missed an opportunity for something cool when they went to the daycare. They should have had toddler zombies. They would have looked like the kids from The Brood.
  • Merle was making me awfully nervous when he was handling those zombies in the big cargo net like they got tangled up at the end of Ninja Warrior. I was like "Merle, don't get bit buddy! We need you and your crude attitude!"
  • When they asked Carl what he thought the baby's name should be, he acted like a sweet young man and said all the names of the deceased women he knew. I wish that he had acted like a normal ten-year-old and said that the baby should be called "Nintendo" or "Pizza" or "Rad Dude".
  • When Michonne michonned on out of Woodbury, it definitely should have played this song...
  • When Glenn goes to find Rick, he should have been doing something much more disturbing and demented than just smearing blood on the wall. He should have been sitting at some table with some muzzled zombies dressed up in Lori and Carl's clothes, forcing them to have an imaginary supper with him. Then he would be like "Oh, hi Glenn. This is my new family. Won't you come join us?"
  • What did the title of this episode mean? Say the word and they can leave Woodbury?

Quote board

Governor: "The first time we gathered there was nine of us holed up in an apartment with Spam and saltine crackers. Well look at us now!"

Milton: "I love a party as much as the next fella, trust me, I love a party … I like fun!"

Glenn: "There's a Piggy Wiggly on 85."

Governor: "You've broken the rules. If I don't do anything I invite anarchy."

Michonne: "This place is not what they say it is."

Glenn: "Part of me wishes that we killed all of the prisoners on sight."

Governor: "I'm saying what works out there doesn't work in here. We're not barbarians."

Glenn: "When the evacuation started T-Dog drove his church van to the home of every senior he knew, just in case they needed a ride. He saved my ass a thousand times. He wasn't just a good guy, he was the best."

Andrea: "Eight months on the road moving place to place, scavenging, living in a meat locker. That was no life."

Michonne: "You'd just slow me down anyway..."

Andrea: "You go for a jog to blow off steam. This is sick!"

Governor: "We're shining a light on the monster under the bed, it's fun!"

Winner: Milton


What everyone is up to

Rick: Starting to lose his mind, going on a zombie killing spree and throwing Glenn up against the wall.

Carl: Playing Mr. Mom and trying to name the baby after a bunch of dead ladies.

Glenn: Getting tossed up against the wall by Rick and watching Daryl drive off with Glenn's woman on the back of his motorcycle.

Daryl: Going on a mission to find baby formula with Maggie, shooting an opossum for dinner, and stepping up to lead the group since Rick is losing his mind.

Carol: MIA

Hershel: Standing around smiling, holding hands with Glenn through the fence.

Maggie: Going on a motorcycle mission with Daryl.

Beth: Being put in charge of keeping an eye on Carl, who should be distraught at his father's behavior and the death of his mother.

Andrea: Holding hands with the Governor and parting ways with Michonne.

Michonne: Poking the Governor in the neck with her sword, brooding and leaving Woodbury.

The Governor: Having Daddy-Daughter Day with his little princess.

Milton: Wearing an awesome zombie proof jacket, acting like a square and trying to convince everyone what a party animal he actually is.

Merle: Hamming it up for the crowd like Ravishing Rick Rude, doing one-stumped push-ups and sick crescent kicks.

Axel: Banging a shovel against the fence, telling the zombies "Come on! You want some of this?"

Oscar: Digging graves for Glenn because he feels bad for him.

Best zombie kill

When Michonne cut the crap out of that one's body and it siid in half like this was Tom & Jerry or something. When she stomped on the one's head and it smashed like a rotten jack-o'lantern, that was pretty cool, too.

Creepiest zombie

The one whose mouth Merle jammed his knife arm into, and whose tooth they plucked out with a Leatherman PST. It looked like its name would have been Ebeneezer. When they were tearing its tooth out, it was like "Hey, I heard our dental plan wasn't as good this year, but this is ridiculous!" and then it was like "Hey what are you, the Tooth Fairy? Hey, let me put that under my zombie pillow and I'll get two quarters in the morning, no..."

Death count

Zombies: 13, for 139 on the season. (Michonne killed six, Rick five and Glenn two)

Humans: None this episode! But 14 on the season.

Opposums: 1 (LOL, I know he killed an owl earlier in the season too, but I'm only going to leave this up for this one week, cause it's just to be silly :-)

Lingering questions

  • Where are Morgan and Duane?
  • What's in Milton's special tea? Some kind of serum or opiate?
  • What happened to Carol?
  • How does Milton's awesome zombie-proof jacket work? It just looked like a bunch of duct tape to me...
  • Who's on the phone? (If you read the books, you know, but just humor me)

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Hounded"

Andrea jumps over the wall. Michonne duels with Merle out in the woods like they're a couple of larpers. Daryl looks for Carol, and Andrea has another meeting with the Governor and drinks more liquor. This time they also make out. The prison crew shares a meal, and Rick acts all crazy around them