A couple of interesting connections to "The Walking Dead" graphic novels came up in this episode. First, did you notice when T-Dog went to collect Randall from his holding cell, he said "The Governor called, you're off the hook."? Well I don't think that was just a coincidental turn of phrase, since The Governor has already been announced as a character in season three. Second, it was a nice twist from the books how Carl shot Shane (that happened really early on in the source story), but it was the zombie Shane!

Did you notice?
That the combination to the padlock on Randall's shed was 9003? Could that be a clue?.

What everyone is up to
Rick: Getting kind of pushy, but manning up and killing Shane.
Lori: Confusing the hell out of Shane and breaking his mind.
Carl: Getting traumatized and pointing guns at people.
Shane: Wasting gas (luckily that Hyundai is so fuel efficient!), going really crazy, killing prisoners, and then getting killed twice in a row.
Andrea: Cross checking zombies in the face with a pitchfork.
Glenn: Mourning the loss of Dale. Avoiding Maggie for some reason. Fixing Dale's RV.
Daryl: Acting all badass and getting sent on all of the important missions.
Carol: Not a whole heck of a lot. Presumably still descending slowly into madness.
T-Dog: Helping people move stuff, getting a little more involved lately.
Hershel: Making a face turn by letting everyone move into the house and offering to crash on the couch.
Maggie: Being inexplicably rebuked by Glenn.
Randall: Hurting his wrists really bad and then getting his neck hurt really bad. Poor Randall.

Quote board
Carl, re: the zombie that killed Dale: "It was stuck in the mud. I was throwing rocks at it and stuff."

Hershel: "On nights when I came home reeking of bourbon, my wife locked the bedroom door. I'm sad to say that couch and I became old friends."

Shane, to Rick: "Lori and Carl, they'll get over you. They've done it before, they're just gonna have to ... I'm a better father than you, Rick, I'm better for Lori than you, man. Because I'm a better man than you Rick..."