Shane (Jon Bernthal) isn't so pretty anymore, is he?

Shane (Jon Bernthal) isn't so pretty anymore, is he? (Gene Page/AMC)


If you haven't watched this week's episode of 'The Walking Dead' on AMC yet, don't read anymore (but please come back later), because something major happened.

Now that we've got that warning out of the way, can you believe Rick killed Shane?!

That was so awesome. The tension between them leading up to the argument was so nerve-racking. I didn't even see the knife coming. Although I must say, I did think that Rick was going to kill Shane. After everything Shane had said to him, like about how he was a better father than Rick, and a better man, there was no way that they were going to just walk back to the farm together like old pals. At that point Rick had to kill him. The funny thing is that I think Shane actually was going to put his gun down. Rick had effectively disarmed him with his words.

While Shane might not have killed Rick right then and there, it was clear after what went down between them that any hope for reconciliation was squashed.

And by killing Shane, Rick proved that he has adapted to this kill-or-be-killed world. He also proved that he is a better man than Shane, because he possesses skills that Shane lacked: charisma, persuasion, leadership.

Shane only knew force, and in this world, one must be a multi-talented Renaissance man to survive. Not only is Shane kind of ham-handed, but he's a really, really bad liar. His whole running face first into a tree and saying he got punched out by Randall fooled absolutely no one. Meanwhile, Rick showed how shrewd he can be with the way that he talked Shane out of shooting him.

Still, Rick does not like what he's had to become. That is why he was shouting "This was you not me!" after killing Shane.

I thought the whole scene was also beautifully staged with all of the unusual perspective shots and the full moon looming behind them. It was like a twist on the old western theme of a showdown at high noon.

There were lots of rumors of Shane's demise leading up to this week, but I think it still caught many people by surprise, because they expected the producers to save such a landmark event for next week's season finale.

Instead, the previews for next week's episode are hinting that the survivors are going to get run off of the farm by that huge herd of zombies that's coming, and we're going to get a new location in season three.

Oh, and in other news, Shane killed Randall, Carl shot zombie Shane, and the survivors killed a bunch of other zombies to get revenge for Dale's death last week.

We also now have an answer to the question that has been brought up several times during the last few episodes: You don't have to be bitten by a zombie to turn into a zombie. Just expiring due to a broken neck or massive stab wound to the gut, for example, is enough to get you turned into a geek.

That means that the zombie population is going to start growing exponentially.

Can we talk about Carl for a second?
That kid is weird. First of all, what was up with that shirt he was wearing? It had a bear clawprint surrounded by those rings that are in drawings of atoms. What team was that shirt for, the Atomic Bears? Second, what was up with him pointing that gun at his dad after Rick killed Shane? He ultimately shot zombie Shane in the forehead, but at first he was definitely aiming at Rick. Did part of him want Shane to be his dad or something?

Was up with all those images that were flashing on the screen when Shane was turning into a zombie? It reminded me of "The Exorcist" when that weird subliminal demon face flashes on the screen. It looked like some zombies having a feeding frenzy or something, but they didn't really look like zombies, they seemed to have pointy faces, like they were some kind of supernatural creatures or something.

Have you read the books?