The little town has bus service apparently! It reminds me of the town that Sidney Poitier got stuck in in "In The Heat of the Night." (Three "Ins" in a row FTW.)

Wierdest story
Maggie came back from college, Beth (who is still in a paranormal trance) found her birth control pills and threw them in the duck pond, Hershel was like "Wha?" Maggie was like "We were going for a swim." then some horse kicked mud all over their dresses. Great story, can you tell it again (Burn!)

Quote board
Daryl, when asked about Lori's whereabouts: "That dumb bitch must have gone looking for them."

Daryl, sarcastically, to Carol: "Ain't you a peach!"

Daryl, genuinely, to Carol: "If you spent half your time minding your daughter's business instead of sticking your nose in everybody else's she'd still be alive!"

Daryl, to Carol: "You're afraid because you all alone!"

Shane, to Lori: "What happened with Otis happened because I love you, I love Carl."

Shane, discussing what to do with the injured and blindfolded Randall: "I'm gonna go get him flowers and candy! Look at this, folks, we back in fantasy land!"

Hershel, to Shane: "Do us both a favor, keep your mouth shut." (Snap!)

Lori, regarding Shane: "He won't listen to me, he's delusional and he's dangerous."

Lori: "You killed the living to protect what's yours?" Rick: "That's right." Lori: "Shane think's I'm his. He thinks the baby is his. And he says you can't protect us, that you're gonna get us killed. He's dangerous, Rick, and he won't stop."

Carl: "Big brother Carl, pretty cool, huh?" Shane: "I'd say that's very cool." #weird

Winner: Daryl

What everyone is up to

Rick: Is like, "Oh yeah? Shane wants to take what's mine? Bring it..."

Lori: Is like, "Hey Rick, here's what Shane is trying to do. What are you going to do about it?"

Carl: Isn't scared of anything and is excited that he's going to get a little sister and he wants to name her Sophia. :o)

Shane: Has gone a little too long without getting a bunch of attention, is scared of Rick's increasing aggressiveness, and might have to do something wild soon.

Andrea: Is solidifying her pact with Shane. They'll probably have some sex again soon.

Dale: Is nagging everyone about Shane and neglecting his eyebrows.

Glenn: Almost got shot and now he's really spooked, like do I really want to have someone else rely on me, or would it be better if I was just a lone wolf?

Daryl: Really acting out like a middle child. He comes into the farm house at one point and gives everyone a too-cool look like "Sup?"

Carol: The more Daryl acts out, the more Carol sees him as her new child. The child that she might French kiss!

T-Dog: Completely marginalized. Hasn't done anything of note in about six episodes.

Hershel: Impressed by Rick's actions in Hatlands, and loosened up a little after a few pulls off of the bottle.

Maggie: Reminiscing about her old man when things were normal on the farm. May have bewildered Glenn a bit when she said the magic words.

Creepiest zombie

The one who shoved its face through the broken window, even as its skin started to peel away!

Best zombie kill

Gotta go with Lori's turn signal lever through the eye, just for the creative choice of weapon.

Death count

Zombies: Gosh it was tough to keep count with all of the shooting going on and the ambiguous violence, but by my count it was seven (five by the boys in the bar and two by Lori) for a total of 67 on the season. Humans: One. Sean with his cool Adidas, shot by Glenn and then eaten up by zombos.

Lingering questions

Where is Dave and Tony's camp? Are those other survivors mounting an attack on the farm? What did Jenner whisper to Rick? What has become of Merle Dixon and the father-son team of Morgan and Duane Jones? What is love?

A look ahead to the next episode, "18 Miles Out"

They argue a lot and Shane and Rick might come to blows over what to do with Randall. Shane gets beat up and Rick hides under a zombie.