A thing that I wish had happened
When Hershel is going through all of his wife's clothes and jewelry, I wish that the next shot was of him wearing the wedding dress and jewelry, manically applying her makeup, and then dancing around the room in a very queer fashion while singing to himself in a high-pitched voice. "La-la-la, such a pretty bride, the prettiest in all the land!"

Best insult

Daryl calls Lori Olive Oil, striking a blow for the beautiful, full figured women of the world. Second place, Shane calls Dale Mr. Moral Authority. Shane could have been more clever, he could have called Dale Ned Flanders or something.

Quote board


"I don't care what you believe!"

"I mean it, off my land!"

"Not enough!" (when asked by Rick how many drinks he's had)

"There is no hope for any of us."

"You people are like a plague."

"When Shane shot Lou in the chest, and she just kept coming, that's when I knew what an ass I'd been."


"I tell you what Dale, next time I need a radiator hose, I'll give you a call man."

"It looks like he found an old friend." (upon discovering Hershel's flask)


"People counted on me and I had them chasing a ghost in the forest."

"Death is death, it's always been there, whether its heart attack, cancer or a walker."


"That's not my little girl, it's some other ... thing."


"So what do we do, just wait for him to pass out?" (wondering how they're going to get Hershel out of the bar)

Creepiest zombie

The Greene mother, who was stirred by daughter Beth. It opened its eyes all wide and leaned in for a bite, like "Ahh, my sweet daughter, come, give us a kiss. A kiss GOODBYE!"

Best zombie kill

The Greene mother. T-Dog starts stomping all these mudholes in her skull with his sick Timberlands, and then Andrea comes over and puts a Grim Reaper scythe right through the back of her dome.

Death count

Zombies: 1/2 (the Greene matriarch, who we already assumed was dead, so we're still at 60). I'm gonna guess that the geek who got hit by the car is still crawling around. Humans: Two. Dave and Tony, gunslinger style, for a total of four on the season.

Lingering questions

What did Jenner whisper to Rick? What has become of Merle Dixon and the father-son team of Morgan and Duane Jones? What happened to Lori after she wrecked that car? Did she exchange insurance information with that walker?

A look ahead to the next episode, "Triggerfinger"

Daryl keeps an eye on Carol because she's acting all nutty, and Carol keeps an eye on Daryl because he started acting mean again. Rick and Hershel hole up in Hatlands for a standoff with some hostiles while Glenn runs around outside with his gun. Lori holes up in her wrecked car, and more.