Lori: Freaking out because Rick went running off to find Hershel, starting to worry more about Shane's intentions.

Carl: Would have also shot Sophia. Doesn't want to leave the farm.

Shane: Starting to lose it a little, still questioning Rick's leadership and feuding with Dale and Hershel.

Andrea: Siding with Shane?

Dale: Trying to turn people against Shane, still worried about him.

Glenn: Confused about his relationship with Maggie.

Daryl: Becoming angry Daryl again instead of helpful Daryl, telling people not to bother him anymore.

Carol: Starting to lose her mind. Had her hands bathed by Shane.

T-Dog: Glad that the zombies are out of the barn.

Hershel: Has become very pessimistic about the world around him. Still wants people off of his farm.

Maggie: Told Glenn she loves him, worried about how the dynamic on the farm has changed.

Best Shakesperian portrayl of a descent into madness

Carol Pelletier, who is still shaken up over how the whole Sophia situation shook out. She walks aimlessly through the woods, kneels amongst Cherokee Rose flowers, tearing them out by the roots and moaning ruefully, and has her hands and forearms bathed oh-so-creepily by loose cannon Shane.

Some things that I noticed in the bar

  • Bunch of little pennants
  • Route 285 sign
  • Confederate flag
  • Flatscreen TV
  • 420 sign
  • Sticker with what looked like a steer crossed out

Best job of acting like a drunk guy

Tony. Standing up peeing in the middle of the bar and asking about chicks, that does really seem like something a drunk guy would do in Fells Point or at Pickles on opening day. Second place goes to Hershel. He just acts the same, but talks slower and slurs his speech a lot, like "shish-shash-shush."

Missed opportunity for some good jokes

When that arm fell off of the back of the pickup truck with all the zombie body parts in it. Andrea just picks it up and throws it back in, and it was all hefty and long, like Shaq's arm or something. But she could have been like, "Hey come back here and give me a hand with this" or "Hey look at me, I'm armed and dangerous" or she could have just gone up to T-Dog while he was eating Spam and started tapping him on the shoulder with it so he'd turn and get all freaked out.